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OHAN deals with transparency issue

March 25, 2015

OAK HILL – The Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods took steps toward fostering internal transparency and efficiency at its meeting Wednesday, March 11 at ACC Pinnacle. Board officials went back and forth with members, who voiced their concerns over recent mis-communications between the two entities.

One of the main issues of contention involved letters that newly-elected board president Darryl Pruett wrote to the Austin City Council via email in January. In the letters, Pruett expressed OHAN’s support of the current zoning status of approximately 35 acres of properties along South Mopac, just north of William Cannon Drive, referred to as the McComis-Garza properties. In 2006, OHAN members had voted to support the area’s zoning classification as community commercial- mixed use – conditional overlay- neighborhood plan.

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