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Mystery of the green ribbons is solved

May 25, 2012  

By Tony Tucci           

The mystery of the green ribbons around some Oak Hill trees has been solved. There had been worried speculation by Oak Hill residents that the ribbons were placed there by TxDOT to mark trees that were either slated to be cut down—or saved—in conjunction with the upcoming highway roadwork near the ‘Y’ area. That was not the case according to a TxDOT engineer.

The ribbons were placed there by the Pedernales Electric Co-op (PEC) as a signal to line crews that work on transformers above the trees had been completed.

PEC was changing the transformers from 7,200 to 14,400 volts to provide more power to the area. A PEC engineer said the work was completed last year and people can remove the ribbons if they want.


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