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TxDot update on local roadwork

January 13, 2012  

Don Nyland, engineer with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), told the Gazette that several road projects in Oak Hill are on track for increased connectivity and safety.

The flyovers for U.S. 290 West and Mopac, delayed when the original contractor declared bankruptcy, are going well and should be completed this summer.

Nyland said the roadwork on U.S. 290 West near Spring Valley is being done in conjunction with Travis County to realign Spring Valley and signalize the intersection. In addition, TxDOT is completing a five-lane section of the roadway from Tara Lane to the County Line.

Nyland added, “We are starting the process to complete the five-lane section on State Highway 71 from Covered Bridge to Southwest Parkway. We will also be doing the design for a center turn lane from Scenic Brook to Williamson Creek. We do not have construction funds assigned for that section but will have plans on the shelf in case some money comes available.”


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