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More good Samaritan good deeds

January 12, 2012  

Have You Heard…faithful readers (and you three people know who you are) will remember a couple columns in which I recounted good Samaritan deeds or generous acts by strangers.  So, what’s happening?  About a week ago I was in Jack Allan’s Kitchen watching one of the many numerous football bowl games when a large plate of appetizers was set in front of me.  I explained that I didn’t order it but was told that someone had ordered it for me.  And I couldn’t find out who they were.  Then last week, I was taking my two small grandchildren for some doughnuts and Kolaches at the Doughnut Hole shop at the ‘Y’. I allowed the kids to select whatever they liked and selected a variety of goodies myself to take away.  When I started to pay, a lady standing nearby stepped in and paid for our purchases.  I protested but she was adamant.  All I know about her was that she lives in Lakeway and her name was Mary.  A final anecdote; I was in the HEB at Bee Caves and was paying for some small purchases when I realized that I had forgotten my wallet.  I was embarrassed to explain to the checkout manager that I had to run home for my wallet and would he please hold the order for me.  Instead he reached into his pocket and used his own money to pay for my order.  I told him I would be right back to reimburse him.  Instead he said to forget it and do something nice for someone else.  And I did.

Has this kind of generosity been going on for a while and I have just been too self-absorbed or cynical to notice?  I first attributed this to the holiday season, but season has past.  And here we are in tough economic times.  Perhaps we Americans are actually a generous and caring people.  It’s nice to think so, isn’t it?


Have You Heard…despite tough times some local folks still are able to follow their dreams.

For example, have you noticed “Robin’s 290 Grill” on Hwy. 290?  It is located at the Club 290 on Hwy. 290 about a mile past the Circle Drive intersection.  Robin’s 290 Grill is run by Robin Collins who left her job as a mortgage officer about a year ago.  Robin had been doing catering on the side for a number of years as a labor of love and she decided to give it a shot at having her own restaurant.   She made arrangements to re-open the kitchen at the club and now offers “home-style cooking” for breakfast and lunch.  Besides the usual offerings, she does a “Robin’s Egg Benedict” which is a fried egg, country ham and béarnaise sauce on an English muffin.  She also does the usual breakfast entrees such as pancakes, tacos, and more.  Her lunch items include burgers, various sandwiches, chicken and dumplings, salads, as well as specials that her patrons may request.  She keeps most entrees priced at less than $7.  On occasion the restaurant is open in the evenings and she plans to have Italian nights, and other ethnic specials.  She also offers catering- preparing everything from BBQ, to Tex-Mex, to Cajun and more.  As a customer told me, he goes back because “Robin doesn’t crack an egg until the customer places an order.

On football, or other sport occasions, drop by to watch the game and help yourself to special buffets, often for donations only.  This past weekend, during the playoff games, the buffet included Elgin sausages cooked with onions and green peppers,  homemade sauerkraut and potato salad and cakes – not to mention the occasional Jell-O-shot. What a deal. (Speaking of football, have you heard that the LSU team almost didn’t make it home?  Some wicked person painted a 50 yard line across I-10.)  Also, each month, Robin hosts a birthday party on a Sunday for all patrons with a birthday that month.  Those layouts are usually paid by donation-only, as well.  So check out another local business.  Most times the quality of these local establishments will meet or exceed the chain places and is usually at better prices.  For catering, call 288-0808 or email robins290grill@yahoo.com.


Thought for today…I watched the Golden Globe Awards show this weekend and heard Meryl Streep twice described as “peerless.”  That means she has no peers.  Does that also mean that if she commits a murder she cannot get a trial by jury (where one is judged by his peers)?



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