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Breakthrough in search for tacos!

December 15, 2011  

Have You Heard…that the best, and I really mean the “best” tacos in Austin can be found right here in Oak Hill. I have been looking for the perfect taco for more than 30 years and my quest even led me to move briefly to Florida. I wonder what I could have been thinking when I made that decision. Tacos in Florida? Anyway, the perfect taco is available at Gordo’s Tortas, just a couple miles south of downtown, metropolitan Oak Hill (the ‘Y’). Just go south on Hwy. 290 toward Dripping Springs, about a mile past the Circle Drive intersection where Buddy’s General Store is located. Gordo’s is located on the corner of Hwy. 290 and Deracho Drive. It is a food wagon parked on the corner with a prominent sign so it’s hard to miss. The intersection is at a traffic light and across from a Valero station. There is also another wagon which offers shaved ice during warm weather.

During these days of economic hardship for many of us, it is reassuring to see a local, independent business doing well. The owner of Gordo’s is Ramiro Gonzales and he has been located on the corner for more than five years. He originally was associated with Buddy’s Store, but acquired the land on the corner and relocated to set up shop there. The owner and his family intend to build a full-service restaurant on the corner, but financing these days is tight and often difficult to obtain. Actually, it sounds like a good opportunity for a potential investor since the food is consistently outstanding. Anyway, besides the great tacos, one of their specialties is Tortas—a sandwich on Pelara (a Mexican bun), it’s worth the trip to Gordo’s just for that. They also offer great burgers and plan to expand their menu to include French fries, and other “fast food.” For large orders, Gordo’s offers discounts. Just stop by or order ahead by calling 507-2602. Go on your birthday and the taco is free. So, take my suggestion and try a breakfast taco (a small one is quite large and is a meal for most of us) with chorizo and egg. Their hours are from 7 a.m. till 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. on weekends. We’re all for supporting our local businesses.


Have You Heard…speaking of Hwy. 290, the highway commission seems to be setting up an obstacle course on this road. There are barriers up on both sides of the road cutting two lanes to one, from around Circle Drive to well past The Nutty Brown Café. The barriers have been up for months and I have yet to see any workmen there except for a truck or two that seem to be using the road for equipment rest stops. I wonder if this is part of the “full employment” strategy of Texas or if it is just the same contractors who are building (?) the ramps around Hwy. 290 and Ben White Blvd. Anyway, if you travel that stretch of road, you know that the traffic under normal circumstances is fierce and with the lane closures, it becomes an exercise in survival. When you have to drive it, use much caution and, for sure, watch your speed. A couple of years ago I was presented with a gift from a constable (and it wasn’t even Christmas) for exceeding the speed limit by 2 miles per hour. Right, 2 mph. I gently reminded the constable that this is Texas and I was just getting in touch with my inner cowboy, but to no avail. So, if you get stopped, you might try to have a better story than mine.


Thought for the day…The Supreme Court has ruled that there will not be a Nativity Scene in Washington, DC this Christmas season. This isn’t for any religious reason. They simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation’s Capitol. The search for a Virgin continues. There was no problem, however, finding more than enough asses to fill the stable.


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