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Local VFW hosts departing troops

November 15, 2011  

By Mike Jordan 

Have You Heard…this past weekend a salute to deploying troops heading for Afghanistan was held at the Oak Hill VFW.   A Texas National Guard Airborne Infantry Regiment is being deployed this week and the VFW organized a recognition event for them and their families, just prior to their leaving.  About 150 soldiers attended a sit-down meal, and music was provided by a local DJ on Saturday afternoon.  The event was catered by a local BBQ restaurant so the troops would have a last taste of Texas BBQ to take with them.  Helping to host the event, besides the VFW post was the local Women Marines group that is active in Oak Hill.  The DJ, Cedric Burse, also is local and donated his services.  I remarked to him that he played a greater variety of music than most DJs and he explained that he can provide any variety of music since he does music for wedding, dances and even children’s parties.  He is known professionally as “DJ Muffin” and can be contacted by calling 554-5292 or email to cedric.burse@yahoo.com.

I spoke to a number of the soldiers and was surprised that many of them were heading to a second or third tour of duty overseas.  When I asked about the reasons for returning the answers generally were that they felt the effort was worthwhile, and that they were a part of an effort to improve the well-being of the countries where they served as well as working for peace in the world.  I was surprised, as I don’t remember myself or any of my comrades holding such high ideals when I served.  Anyway, they deserve our support so if you wish to send them mail or cards, contact the Oak Hill VFW post 4443 via email or call 288-4443.

Have You Heard…some of our local students have participated in a nationwide essay contest sponsored by the VFW.  The name of the contest is “Voice of democracy”.  A student from Bowie High School, Alexandra Magness, placed first, and following were Naomi Coffman of Regents School of Austin and Josh Upham of Heritage Christian School.  Each wrote an essay accompanied by a CD, which was also judged.  The subject was “Does My Generation Have a Role in America’s Future?” Middle schools also were invited to participate and their subject was “Are you proud of your country?”  The middle school entries for “Patriot Pen” were written essays and all 28 came from Westridge Middle School. The entries are judged by the local VFWs and the winners are submitted to the District VFWs, and from there to the national organization.  The winner is awarded a $10,000 scholarship.


Have You Heard…the Oak Hill Rotary Club is celebrating 30 years of community service. Some of you will remember that I did a column on the Rotary Club a few weeks ago.  As part of their anniversary celebration they donated 340 dictionaries and 65 bilingual dictionaries to 3rd graders, 375 Thesauruses to 4th graders in four elementary schools:  Patton, Sunset Valley, Dawson and Oak Hill.  The Rotary also donated Atlases for the 5th grade classrooms of these schools.  A proclamation was presented to each of the principals declaring the day of the delivery as Dictionary and Thesaurus Day at the school.  Bookmarks with the “4 Way Test” were also given to each student.

The Rotary Club invites any and all to attend one of the weekly lunches and learn more.  The luncheons are held weekly at Cannoli Joe’s Italian Restaurant on Rt.290 in N. Oak Hill. For more information, check the web site at www.oakhillrotary.org or call Brenda Osbon at 415-4586 for more information.

Thought for the day…Witnessing the Republicans and the Democrats bicker over the U.S. debt is like watching two drunks argue over a bar bill on the Titanic.





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