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Bowie Marching Band chosen to perform in prestigious New Year’s Day Parade in London

March 22, 2013  

From left to right: Stephen Howard, The Lord Mayor of Westminster, Duncan Sandys, Kim Shuttlesworth, Larry Britton, Amy Suggs, Joey Powell and Ryan Thomas

by Ann Fowler

AUSTIN –    Former Lord Mayor of Westminster, Councillor Duncan Sandys surprised the members and parents of Bowie’s marching band Thursday with an invitation to perform in the prestigious London New Year’s Day Parade (http://www.londonparade.co.uk/) in 2015.

Councillor Sandys is the great grandson of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Said Band Director Kim Shuttlesworth, “You cannot apply to attend the parade. A committee of members recommends you for this prestigious honor. James Bowie’s bands have worked diligently over the past years to create a high standard of excellence in music. This honor is in recognition of their hard work.”

The event features more than 10,000 performers from all over the world. According to the event’s Dan Kirkby, an international panel recommended Bowie’s participation. “It will be the time of their lives,” he told the Gazette.

Robert Bone, executive director of the parade, invited people to “like” the event on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Lnydp?fref=ts.

Assistant Director Stephen Howard said one thing was sure: “We won’t be going there by bus.”

Shuttlesworth said the band’s instruments would be shipped in a huge container that will arrive in London before the band. “Once we get there via two flights, our instruments will be there waiting on us,” she said.

The band—and family members—have more than a year to raise funds for the trip.

Several of Bowie’s bands entertained the crowd before and after the announcement.




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