Emmy Award winning Biscuit Brothers to open 'Fine Arts Farm' in Oak Hill

October 11, 2013

AUSTIN – Preschool age children will soon have a place in Oak Hill to sing, dance, act, and create arts and crafts in the new Fine Arts Farm designed by one of the Emmy Award-winning stars of The Biscuit Brothers television show.

Jerome “Dusty Biscuit” Schoolar said he anticipates a “soft” opening for the Biscuit Brothers Fine Arts Farm sometime in October at 6036 West US HWY 290. Meanwhile, tuition costs have yet to be decided.

Schoolar took the project on personally by renovating the building space he leased in June—doing most of the work himself. He completely gutted the inside of the site so that it no longer resembles the building that for years housed Oak Hill Liquor store and before that was a church. Meanwhile, snags in development have occurred while he awaited City of Austin inspections on contracted professional electrical and plumbing work.

The Biscuit Brothers’ virtual community, through donations, has funded a big part of the costs to get the Fine Arts Farm up and running, and Schoolar chose Oak Hill as the home of his facility because he lives here. Also, all three of his children have attended schools in the area including: Mills Elementary, Clint Small Middle School, and James Bowie High School. He said he saw a need for a children’s fine arts facility in the area.

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