OHAN group offers resolution and suggestions for Oak Hill Parkway

February 9, 2015

Transportation officials recently continued holding open houses and accepting public comment on what they call the “Oak Hill Parkway” to provide infrastructure improvements to and through the ‘Y’ area. In an attempt to find a consensus, the Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (OHAN) has formed a Cohesive Neighborhood Committee, which recently presented TxDOT with a unanimous resolution with recommendations on the parkway design and construction, including:

• Eliminate or minimize elevation using modern technology and creative design.

• Incorporate efficient and convenient ingress and egress for all existing Oak Hill neighborhoods and businesses so they can reach destinations within and outside of Oak Hill.

• Incorporate innovative technology and design to create efficient intersections that promote traffic flow. Eliminate pinch-points and bottlenecks utilizing dedicated turn lanes and “Texas Turnarounds.” Devise merge points to include sufficient length and avoid crossover merges.

• Design highway(s) in a manner that considers all non-tolled funding opportunities available.

• Allow future additions of park and ride facilities; convenient and increased access to bus, car and vanpooling and other public transportation options.

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