Studio E hopes to start an Oak Hill Community Theater

April 15, 2014

Oak Hill residents may soon have the opportunity to shine on or behind the stage if a local acting studio reaches its goal of starting a community theater. Local residents are invited to a variety show on April 22 to help raise funds for that community theater. Students from Liz Reeder Neubauer’s Studio E will show off their talents as part of the fundraiser.

Neubauer promises “an amazing night of entertainment.” She has coached hundreds of students over the past nine years—from housewives seeking a creative outlet to up-and-coming actors now featured on network series.

The classes at Studio E range from singing and acting to comedy and voiceovers. Neubauer told the Gazette: “There’s not one department that we have that we have not had some level of national success coming out of this tiny little classroom in Oak Hill.”

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