Why did the tree cross the road?

July 21, 2014

Why did the tree cross the road? Because where it was, it stood in the way of TxDOT’s planned renovations at the intersection of Hwy. 290 West and William Cannon.

The 130-year-old heritage oak tree, known by locals as the “Taco Bell Tree,” (for the Taco Bell that used to be on that corner), was saved by an outpouring of community support when locals learned that the oak stood in the way of TxDOT’s planned CCI project (Continuous Flow Intersection). With the help of individual donors and local businesses, and after months of fundraising and community rallying, the Austin Heritage Tree Foundation raised the $20,000 needed to transplant the tree.

On Saturday morning, July 12, the tree formerly known as Taco Bell Tree, was loaded by crane onto a trailer and transported across the street to Beckett Grove, a line of oak and pecan trees east of the intersection of William Cannon and 290 named for the Beckett family, who owned the former ranch land in the 1870s. The tree has now been officially renamed the Beckett Grove oak.

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