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Happy Mailman’s new owner offers free wash, boarding to new clients

May 2, 2012  

Happy Mailman dog kennel on Highway 290 West has been providing doggy daycare, dog boarding, and other dog services to Austin residents for six years. This past month, Austin native Zach Biderman purchased the kennel, uniting his love for dogs with his passion for business. Biderman has already made indoor upgrades, enhanced the outdoor play areas, and extended facility hours at Happy Mailman. “We are creating an even better environment for both dogs and dog owners” says Biderman, who has plans for additional upgrades in the coming months.

When asked what makes Happy Mailman stand out from other dog kennels, Bideman explained that “ the open play environment means dogs get to socialize with their canine friends all day, and are typically worn out when you pick them up from a day of fun.” In addition, a seasoned, trained staff watches over the dogs at all times during play time to ensure a safe and fun environment. Biderman has also created a more accommodating experience for customers with longer hours and greater flexibility.

Biderman earned a degree in management with a focus on new and small business from Georgetown University. Subsequently, he worked in finance, management, and marketing, and gained valuable experience in all aspects of business. Biderman says that “I have always dreamt of running my own company and I believe that Happy Mailman’s focus on operational excellence and superior customer service will make this business stand out in the Austin market.”

In order to attract new customers so that they can experience all of the great things happening at Happy Mailman, Biderman is offering all new dogs a free introductory day of daycare, a free night of boarding, and a free wash package that will leave dogs worn out and clean. Go to www.happymailmandogs.com or call (512) 301-2359 for more information on Happy Mailman’s services, or contact Biderman directly for additional information at 512-301-2359.


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