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James Arnold will appraise your coin collection at no charge

April 17, 2012  

James Arnold started on the path to his current vocation at the age of 7 when a relative gave him some coin books. That started him collecting Lincoln pennies, buffalo nickels and liberty dimes. He became a junior member of the Capital City Coin Club at the age of 13, and over 40 years later he is still a member.

“Back when I was a teenager, I won a drawing for a $20 St. Gaudens gold coin. I sold it for $200 and used the money to buy more coins,” says Arnold. Arnold estimates that he has participated in perhaps 400 coin shows. He spent many years working for IBM and other tech companies, but has been in the coin business full time for the past year or so.

Arnold moved into his shop on Slaughter Lane when fellow numismatist Bob Kirkwood decided to retire and he caters to both the collector and the investor. “Some people will buy $25 to $100 worth of coins every week. Others bring their kids in and get them started on collecting,” says Arnold.

Arnold urges people to stop by for free appraisals on their collections. He deals in both American and foreign coins, old paper money, old certificates, tokens and , and in scrap gold and silver. American coins that are likely to have some value include any silver coins minted in 1964 and earlier, wheat back pennies and buffalo nickels. The shop is located at 3100 West Slaughter Lane and Arnold can be reached at 585-7067.


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