City investigates mysterious waste bags found near schools and soccer fields

August 8, 2013

AUSTIN – For over two years, Westcreek neighborhood resident Chuck Wolff has spotted white trash bags possibly containing human waste along the curbsides around his southwest Austin neighborhood.

Wolff said the mystery of who is doing the illegal dumping has long puzzled him and other neighbors—the dumping can be infrequent but tends to occur around the same time of day.

“It comes and goes. Right now it’s very frequent, three times a week maybe, but we can go months without it,” Wolff said. “It always happens during the day—from noon to 4 p.m., maybe.”

Wolff, who said he’s taken days off work just to catch the culprit in action, has speculated that the trash bags contain colostomy bags or some form of medical waste, describing the content of the bags as a frozen chocolate-chip material with no odor.

“I’ve been dealing with the Code Compliance people. I think they’re getting closer to trying to find them,” Wolff said. “I said are you sure we’re looking at human waste? Are you sure we’re not looking at some kind of medical waste? They don’t think so. They think it’s human waste.”

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