New Cap Metro app tracks bus in real-time

March 10, 2015

AUSTIN – Capital Metro is now offering customers access to real-time information on its entire bus fleet. The real-time data signals a minute-by-minute countdown at each bus stop for the next three bus departures.

The GPS-enabled real-time data allows the transit agency to more accurately track every bus on every route, every day. According to Capital Metro officials, this information will allow for specific system improvements and adjustments to be made on a regular basis in the future.

“We are delighted to introduce new technology, including real-time data for all our vehicles, and an open data real-time portal, to benefit our customers, encourage innovation by app developers and allow for better collaboration with other system providers,” said Joe Iannello, chief information officer at Capital Metro.

“Our customers will now have added reliability when traveling, with real-time next departures and trip planning using location data for all our vehicles.”

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