Consider the Spirit of the Season

December 1, 2011   // 0 Comments

by Precinct Three Commissioner Karen Huber

Dear Constituents,

I love the holiday season’s spirit of giving, consideration of others, and selflessness.  I love that many put their time and resources into learning about and helping the people within their community.   I love this spirit that promotes coming together to celebrate peace and joy.  As the Christmas holidays start rolling around each year (now beginning in October, it seems), I become hopeful, again, that this spirit will cross over into the realm of politics.

As we go through this holiday season, I encourage each of you to consider how the holiday spirit – of giving and coming together – can be applied towards finding solutions to our local issues.  Our biggest local issues are water, emergency services, transportation, and the financial resources to address them. Let us come together to contribute what we can towards the solutions that will benefit us all.

As we continue through this major drought, which is not likely to abate any time soon, even with the occasional teasing rains, consider ways in which water consumption can be reduced within your home. Or, consider contributing to one of the non-profits that actively works to see that we get better decisions regarding our future water supplies.

With New Year’s Eve approaching, think about foregoing fireworks in this very dangerous, wildfire-prone drought.  Instead, consider lighting a “safe” light of a different kind in honor of someone else’s life.

When heading to holiday parties, help reduce traffic congestion by carpooling (togetherness!) and consider designating a driver for safe travels.  As we move into the New Year, be open to new and different solutions to traffic congestion and think in terms of “priorities” for our regional transportation issues.

When searching for that gift for the individual that seemingly has everything, think of the strapped finances at the local and state level.  Consider making a contribution in that person’s name to one of the local or state organizations that manages our awesome network of parks.  Texas’ parks provide wonderful experiences for people of all ages and all income levels.

There are various local non-profits that work towards solving the social issues that exist within our community. Consider contributing – time, money, in-kind goods – to a cause that directly benefits our veterans, youth, educational system, the homeless, our elderly… the list goes on. I do believe that continuing in this spirit of giving and togetherness will make this public arena feel more like a home, strangers more like family, and solutions closer at hand.

My staff and I are grateful to be able to represent you at the County and have enjoyed working with many of you this past year to find good solutions that will continue to maintain our quality of life and promote quality economic growth.  We wish you the best of the Christmas and Holiday season.  Warmest regards, Karen Huber, Travis County Commissioner; Garry Brown, Chief of Staff; Jacob Cottingham, Policy Director; Lori Duarte, Constituent Relations Director.



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