CTRMA and TxDOT present options for long term solution to traffic congestion at the 'Y' in Oak Hill

May 22, 2013

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and TxDOT presented nine transportation concepts for the ongoing Oak Hill Parkway project to workshop attendees on Thursday, May 16, at the Oak Hill United Methodist Church, and again last night to the public at an open house event held at Clint Small Middle School.

Wade Strong, a project planner with the Rodriguez Transportation Group, gave attendees an outline of each alternative and addressed questions and concerns.

Strong said the designs were in the beginning stages and will be altered as the process continues.

“These are concepts. They’re not fully engineered designs,” Strong said. “We used our best judgement based on experience.”

Strong said community feedback gathered from past workshops and open house meetings played an important role in designing and developing design alternatives.

“Comments that you all made have been very, very helpful to our team in determining what’s important to this community. We know you want a solution to the congestion but you want in done in a very sensible and responsible way,” Strong said. “As we develop the project further and develop alternatives we’ll keep these things in mind.”

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