Residents sound off on possible Oak Hill City Council District

September 5, 2013

The official boundaries of Oak Hill—there never were any, until recent years when the city held hearings and created the Oak Hill Neighborhood Plan—has been a long-debated subject in the southwest area and a major focus of the Aug. 21 Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) public hearing. At the meeting, held at the Precinct 3 offices, residents urged commission members not to split communities along district lines.

The ICRC is a fourteen-member group working to draw a map of ten single-member City Council districts as ordered by the passage of Proposition 3, a City Charter amendment calling for more evenly distributed City Council geographical representation. The public hearing was the first in a series of public hearings dedicated to determining potential districts in Precinct 3.

Stefan Haag, a member of the ICRC who lives near Circle C, said the request to keep communities together has been a common thread throughout the process.

“I think what we’ve learned at each of them is how important their neighborhoods are and how they want to keep them together,” Haag said.

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