Neighborhood leaders push for action to make RM 1826 safe

April 23, 2014

RM-1826 was once a quiet country road stretching from Austin to Camp Ben McCulloch and the Salt Lick BBQ. But Aan Coleman, an Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (OHAN) board member and a resident of Lewis Mountain Ranch, says just turning into her subdivision off of RM-1826 is a risky move.

“People are right on my bumper as I turn in my neighborhood,” Coleman said. “There’s just no way that road can accommodate the traffic it has on it.”

Coleman said in the nine years she’s lived off of RM-1826 she’s seen development increase dramatically due to residential lots and subdivisions being built further down RM-1826 toward Driftwood.

“What was once very rural is now very suburban,” Coleman said.

RM-1826 is lacking in even the most basic safety standards, Coleman said, and the lack of turn lanes is a risk for the many cyclists who use the road.

“There are actually lots of blind curves in the road. When bicycles get on the road people try to pass and I’m shocked at times. You can’t really see oncoming traffic but people do it anyway,” Coleman said. “Because there’s no turning lane the same thing happens. When you’re turning you take up the only lane. People actually try to pass people who are trying to turn.”

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