Commuters unhappy with Cap Metro changes and rate hikes

July 9, 2014

AUSTIN – For many local commuters, it’s a given that Oak Hill needs reliable bus service. With increasing congestion at the ‘Y,’ every rider on the bus means one less car on the road. But a dramatic increase in fares combined with decreasing service to local neighborhoods has driven some former riders back into their cars.

A new route, South Mopac Flyer, Route 111, has turned many Circle C commuters into bus riders. Riders on previously existing routes are disappointed that Capital Metro does not help grow ridership by marketing to existing routes.

Last year, a 31-day bus pass on the Flyers cost $30. Capital Metro decided to change the buses from “local” to “premium” with a significant increase for the monthly fare: to $49.50. It will go up another $12.50 a month next year.

Local complaints are many. Downtown stops have been changed or eliminated with almost no advance notice. Add to that the ping-pong location of the park and ride location back and forth across the ‘Y’ and you have commuters complaining over lack of consistency and communication from the transit agency.

Amy Peck, Communications Specialist with Capital Metro, says commuters need to let the transit agency know when things go awry.

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