Injury car crashes at SH45 spur petition drive by residents

August 12, 2014

AUSTIN – When Brian Hoyt witnessed a crash at the intersection of SH 45 and Escarpment he knew something had to change.

“Somebody was trying to cross the highway and got T-boned. There were probably three cars—maybe four cars—involved in the accident. Unfortunately, I saw bodies laying on the road being worked on by EMS,” Hoyt said. “I did what the police told me and turned up Escarpment and drove on to work that day. I thought, this is awful and maybe something’s got to be done about this.”

Less than a week later there was another crash at the same intersection. Hoyt decided to take action.

He started a petition on calling for “sensible traffic planning” on SH 45. The petition has since garnered over 600 signatures, which is over 10 percent of the household population in Circle C.

The petition calls for stoplights at crossover intersections, a reduced speed limit and off-highway bike and walking paths between SH 45 and RM 1826.

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