City Council wants a Fix290 Parkway option from TxDOT

September 9, 2014

AUSTIN – The Austin City Council has passed a resolution requesting that TxDOT include a non-tolled, non-elevated alternative with minimal frontage roads as an option under the Oak Hill Parkway Environmental Impact Study. The resolution asks that TxDOT consider the ground-level parkway option throughout the final design phase.

The resolution is a victory for Fix 290, a grassroots community organization advocating a non-elevated option. Last year, members of Fix 290 worked with TxDOT engineers to develop Alternative F, an option calling for a non-tolled parkway with minimal concrete and frontage roads. However, Alternative F was not recommended for advancement to the design phase by engineers. Engineers selected to advance Alternative A, which includes depressed U.S. 290 mainlanes under SH-71, and Concept C, which favors U.S. 290 mainlanes north of Williamson creek with direct connector ramps.

Carol Cespedes, spokesperson for Fix 290, said the resolution went beyond the coalition’s expectations.

“We were pleasantly surprised,” said Cespedes. “It went just a tad beyond what we had been anticipating in recommending the minimal frontage roads.”

Cespedes said Fix 290 believes taking more time to explore a more environmentally-friendly approach will help the project to avoid snags later on.

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