Mayoral candidates visit Oak Hill for OHAN forum

November 1, 2014

The Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods (OHAN) mayoral forum got off to a slightly late start last week because one of the top tier candidates was stuck in traffic. It was a fitting beginning to a debate where traffic and mobility, in addition to affordability, would prove to be the hot topics.

OHAN hosted the debate on October 22, three days into the early voting period at the Southwest Family Fellowship auditorium, the same location they had used to host the District 8 candidate forum back in September. While there was a respectable-sized audience at this last forum, it was sparser than the crowd that came out to check out the District 8 candidates for City Council.

In attendance was City Council members Mike Martinez and Sheryl Cole, lawyer Steve Adler, native Austinite and musician Todd Phelps, community activist David Orshalick and Air Force veteran Randall Stephens. In addition to those six candidates, two other names, Ron Culver and Mary Catherine Krenek, will also be on the ballot, but they have not been very active in campaigning and fundraising.

The forum format consisted of opening statements, followed by eight questions selected by OHAN that the candidates were given in advance, and ending with closing statements. OHAN Vice-President Darryl Pruett served as moderator.

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