New 'Save Oak Hill' group tackles conservation issues

April 7, 2015

OAK HILL – As Williamson Creek winds its curving path through groves of ancient oak trees, rare wildflowers, and un-manicured hills, it’s easy to envision the early settlers and Native Americans who once stood along these banks in admiration of their beauty and natural resources. Today the creek is, in places, still the natural jewel that captivated Comanches and pioneers—most people today just don’t know about it.

It hides just out of sight, with no marked parking or access, behind historic oaks along the highway near the ‘Y’.

That’s why a pioneering group of Oak Hill residents recently formed “Save Oak Hill,” a conservation organization that aims to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity as their predecessors—the opportunity to connect to the natural world, and to enjoy an outdoor space that connects the neighborhood and community.

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