Commissioners Corner

  • A message to recent graduates
    Commissioners Corner   //   July 1, 2012   // 0 Comments

    The much talked-about graduation speech by David McCullough where he delivers the message that “you are not special” to this year’s graduates hits home in several profound ways but it has been pointed out that the value of learning from “failure” is missing in the speech. So my message to graduates is there are good things to learn from failure whether it is your own or that of others.

  • Area Agency on Aging a resource
    Commissioners Corner   //   February 22, 2012   // 0 Comments

    By Karen Huber, Pct. 3, County Commissioner I’ve learned a lot from my 90-year old Mom this past year.  With her two serious hospital stays totaling about two and half months, I’ve seen first hand, the challenges that we face as we age, and the challenges of primary caregivers. My Mom is tenacious, uncomplaining, and absolutely determined to regain all her abilities to live alone. She is tot...

  • Collaboration Key to 2011 Successes
    Commissioners Corner   //   January 12, 2012   // 0 Comments

    Reflecting on this past year, it is evident that collaboration was key to the successes of 2011. Whether between Travis County departments, state entities, local municipalities, emergency services districts (ESDs), water districts, local businesses, and constituents, my office made every effort to lead and to follow, to listen and be heard, and to push and to pull – all when appropriate and necessary.

  • Consider the Spirit of the Season
    Commissioners Corner   //   December 1, 2011   // 0 Comments

    by Precinct Three Commissioner Karen Huber Dear Constituents, I love the holiday season’s spirit of giving, consideration of others, and selflessness.  I love that many put their time and resources into learning about and helping the people within their community.   I love this spirit that promotes coming together to celebrate peace and joy.  As the Christmas holidays start rolling around each y...

  • Will There be Enough Water in the Future?
    Commissioners Corner   //   November 14, 2011   // 0 Comments

    Water woes are of concern to all of us!  If you use well water, enjoy the creeks and streams in Central Texas and/or care about the volume and quality of water that runs into our drinking water reservoirs, this article is extremely important to you.  Even if your home’s source of water is from Lake Travis via a water district, you are impacted by reduced groundwater.  Rivers and creeks are fed by ...

  • Time to get ready for flu season
    Commissioners Corner   //   October 7, 2011   // 0 Comments

    By Paul Workman, District 47 As summer turns into fall and the temperatures hopefully begin to cool, the beginning of another season is also upon us -- flu season. As your state representative, I want to share with you some helpful information about influenza and how you and your loved ones can stay flu-free. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), seasonal flu activity can begin as ...